Construction – All E-Zee Set shutters are hand crafted at the time of order.  Only select materials are used to provide a more durable and long lasting product.

Materials – Each shutter is built using only premium grade cedar, pine and our exterior grade Millennium Panels in our panel shutters.

Finishing– With each shutter you have the choice to have it delivered unfinished or primed. If you are going to finish the shutters yourself or have a painter finish your shutters, make certain you follow the paint manufacturers instructions. Be sure an exterior primer and paint are used if your shutters will be exposed to the elements.

Maintenance – There are 2 key factors that help the longevity of your shutters. The first is the quality of materials used and how they are assembled. The second part is making sure that your shutters are cared for on an annual basis. It is always best practice to use a lifetime paint from one of the major paint manufacturers. Keep in mind, your shutters are such a valuable asset to the aesthetics of your home, keeping them nice, clean and maintained will help enhance your homes’ value.